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Girls on Speed

Hollywood blockbuster Mission Impossible III shows Ving Rhames diving beneath the Vatican on an XScooter DPV to save Tom Cruise from the prison below. Now, GirlDiver takes a look at the XScooter Dive Propulsion Vehicle (DPV) from a gentler perspective. Serious DPV diving for a girl? Is it too big? Too powerful?
Girls on Speed
Published in X-Ray Issue: 26 - Oct 2008
Authored by: Cindy Ross | Photography: | Translation:
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Too much of a “boy’s toy”? I’m ready to test the toughest, lightweight underwater scooter of the bunch to see how it fits a girl.
In the world of diving, we have necessary gear, and we have fun accessories. The accessories of diving are used to enhance your diving experience, as fashion accessories are used to enhance your clothing selections. There is a difference in designer handbags, as all women know. You’ve got the limited edition Prada bag versus the Coach purse at the local fine department store. One purse will cost thousands, whereas the other handbag, mere hundreds. And regardless of whether or not you’re a purveyor of costly handbags, you’ve probably got a girlfriend or an office mate who will argue the legitimate value and pricing of their high end purses. There is the attention to detail, the usability, the size and the length of time one would expect the handbag to last with daily wear and of course, the materials of which the bag is made.
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Girls on Speed