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It has been announced by TDI SDI that from 21st July 2014, Sea & Sea Limited will become the UK and Ireland regional office.

Dr Neal Pollock, Dr Richard Vann, Dr Petar Denoble, Rosemary Lunn, Roz Lunn, RF3

The RF3 proceedings are now available, online and free to anyone to download!

Due to interruptions in oxygen cell supply this year, AP Diving has taken steps to secure a second supplier

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It is 21 days and counting until TEKDiveUSA.2014 ( If you are eager to know more about diving, it is worth...

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Every image you have seen of awe inspiring advanced and technical diving feats or spectacular underwater scenes was captured by a photographer willing to lug heavy equipment into an extreme...

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X-Ray Mag #61 - Jul 2014

— Four Pioneering Wreck Divers

Picks from the archives...

X-Ray Mag #23 - May 2008
X-Ray Mag #36 - May 2010
Lessons from Technical Diving
X-Ray Mag #45 - Nov 2011
X-Ray Mag #57 - Nov 2013
X-Ray Mag #13 - Oct 2006
X-Ray Mag #59 - Mar 2014
Learn from the best

Pascal Bernabe

X-Ray Mag #60 - May 2014

Rebreather diving is currently one of the fastest growing activities in the diving universe. Divers’ motivations for getting a rebreather vary. Some derive enjoyment from “piloting” a...

X-Ray Mag #53 - Mar 2013
—Learning to dive the Earth’s interior: is it that difficult?!

Two buddies are holding the line. The second is holding the arm of the one leading the way, communicating with him by means of touch. With visibility nil, the first buddy protects his head and...

X-Ray Mag #52 - Jan 2013

Becoming a good technical diver means starting with the solid basics. There is no magic! But let’s take a look at several things in general...

X-Ray Mag #31 - Sep 2009

How to master the complexities of extensive explorations of underwater caves and other overhead environments

X-Ray Mag #26 - Oct 2008

This is the moment I have waited for for years. I sit comfortably on the side of Denis Bignand’s dive boat and under my fins, which are already dangling in the water, I have a 400 meter drop off...

X-Ray Mag #23 - May 2008

A conversation with technical diver and depth record breaker, Pascal Bernabé. Pascal Bernabé has just held a press conference at the Moscow dive show answering questions from an enthusiastic...

X-Ray Mag #

This is a VDO footage of the movie about the deepest dive on open circuit done by Pascal Bernabe - 330 meters that he did on the 5th of June 2005 near Propriano in Corsica.

Mark Powell

X-Ray Mag #54 - May 2013

What are the differences between the self-sufficiency and team diving approaches to technical diving?

X-Ray Mag #51 - Nov 2012

Many of the pieces of equipment used by technical divers look different to the equipment used by recreational divers. However, for most of the time, the basic principles are the same.

X-Ray Mag #41 - Mar 2011

Recreational diver training agencies have always encouraged divers to adopt the buddy system and always dive in buddy pairs. Diving in a group made up of more than two people has been described as...

X-Ray Mag #39 - Dec 2010
Mike Powell - Skills for Technical Diving

Learning to dive involves learning a new set of skills. Mask clearing, buoyancy control, regulator recovery and all the other skills that you learn on an open water course are essential for...

X-Ray Mag #38 - Oct 2010

The equipment used by technical divers differs considerably from that used by recreational scuba divers. Even when it appears similar, the technical diver will usually either carry more equipment...

X-Ray Mag #36 - May 2010
Lessons from Technical Diving

Diving is an activity that appeals to a huge selection of people, and within diving, there are almost as many ways to enjoy the sport as there are participants. During the 1990’s scuba diving...

X-Ray Mag #

A team of technical divers has discovered the location of a largely intact World War Two British submarine lying at 115m off the coast of Malta.

X-Ray Mag #

International Training is pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Powell as a member of the Training Advisory Panel.

X-Ray Mag #
TDI, Sea & Sea, Brian Carney, Mark Powell, Rosemary E Lunn, Roz Lunn, XRay Mag

It has been announced by TDI SDI that from 21st July 2014, Sea & Sea Limited will become the UK and Ireland regional office.

X-Ray Mag #

Author and X-Ray Magazine contributor gives presentation at DIVE 2011 expo in Birmingham, UK which is held Saturday, October 22 at 9:00am - October 23 at 5:00pm

Leigh Cunningham

X-Ray Mag #14 - Dec 2006

Something I find surprising in the 21st century is the amount of divers that have had no formal training below 40 meters

X-Ray Mag #12 - Aug 2006

From the Basic Nitrox levels through to advanced Trimix, we base our calculations of dive profiles on a specific partial pressure of oxygen—pO2. Managing and controlling the pO2 lies at the...

X-Ray Mag #11 - Jun 2006

A long time ago, I sat in hoosha (Bedouin tent) after a deep air dive in the Blue Hole (Dahab, South Sinai, Red Sea). My good friend and dive buddy had less than an hour ago peeled me of the wall...

X-Ray Mag #10 - Apr 2006

For the last 30 years or so, dive training agencies have been certifying recreational divers as competent to plan and carry out non-decompression and no-stop dives to a max depth of 40msw.

X-Ray Mag #09 - Feb 2006

I checked in at Gatwick Airport on Saturday, the third of December, with three very large dive bags containing all the necessary equipment to make a descent, hopefully,
to the deepest wreck...

X-Ray Mag #08 - Dec 2005

Mask clearing and deployment of the Surface Marker Buoy. What's the connection between these two unrelated skills, you may be excused for thinking. They are both giving many students problems...

X-Ray Mag #07 - Oct 2005

When divers run out of gas in open water it can only be down to two possible explanations. Either they haven’t been monitoring their pressure gauges and plainly run dry. Or they have suffered some...

X-Ray Mag #06 - Aug 2005

I was on a deco stop in the cold waters of the national dive centre in the UK when my thoughts turned to diving the warmer waters of the Red Sea and particularly the wreck of the Yolanda, or...

X-Ray Mag #06 - Aug 2005

During our initial open water training, we were all shown how to use a dive table. But did we ever use it again - and is the right tool?

X-Ray Mag #04 - Apr 2005

In the world of technical diving, a direct ascent to the surface is not an option if you run into a problem or emergency. For this reason, technical divers are required to carry back-up systems to...

X-Ray Mag #03 - Feb 2005

Regardless of the type of dive, shallow non-deco recreational dive or the 120 metre deep mix wreck dive in the Atlantic, correct weighting will increase the safety and comfort of any dive tenfold...

Cedric Verdier

X-Ray Mag #28 - Mar 2009

The use of rebreathers in caves is nothing new. Decades ago, Hans and Lotte Hass used them to venture into marine caves. Profiles like Rob Palmer in the UK, Bill Stone, George Irvine and Jarrod...

X-Ray Mag #27 - Dec 2008

Except if you spent a few years in a catholic church or a few hours enjoying the movie with Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman, the seven deadly sins are often considered a notion of the past.

X-Ray Mag #26 - Oct 2008

What does a fish exporter from Norway, a Chief Information Officer and diving instructor living in the Netherlands, a renowned lawyer based in Cyprus, a Project Manager working in Sweden, and an...

X-Ray Mag #25 - Sep 2008

One morning, sooner or later, you will wake up with a strange sensation—as if some minor and weird changes happened in your body overnight. You are not turning
into another Dr Jekyll and Mr...

X-Ray Mag #23 - May 2008

There is no such thing as safe technical rebreather diving without proper preparation. But preparation means much more than just checking equipment, going through dive planning and “What-ifs”. It...

X-Ray Mag #23 - May 2008

What is DIRrebreather?
Since its implementation a few years ago, the Doing It Right (DIR) philosophy has gained in popularity
not only in the cave diving community and amongst...

X-Ray Mag #22 - Mar 2008

Do you plan to explore a deep virgin wreck? Is it your dream to discover a unique cave system deep in the jungle? Have you heard about a Blue Hole miles off shore and want to give it a try? In any...

X-Ray Mag #21 - Feb 2008

It has been a year now since I started to exclusively side-mount the off-board tanks of my rebreather—either a Megalodon CCR or an Evolution CCR. Why? Simply because it’s much more convenient!

X-Ray Mag #20 - Dec 2007

How to deal with an unconscious rebreather diver?

The title of this article was originally:
“What to do if a convulsion happens”.

X-Ray Mag #19 - Oct 2007

Bailing out to Open Circuit is like falling in the snow when you are learning to ski. It’s a solution when facing a problem—not always the most elegant solution, but always the easiest one, and...

X-Ray Mag #18 - Aug 2007

Discussions about diving are very often boring—always the same stories about numerous sharks dangerously close, strong current ripping a mask off or friendly dolphins playing during a deco stop...

X-Ray Mag #17 - Jun 2007

There used to be a time when there was no safety margin in any activity that the human being wanted to participate in. In a merciless prehistoric world, on a daily basis, the cave men were hunting...

X-Ray Mag #16 - Apr 2007

Most of the articles one can find about rebreathers deal with potential problems and limits of these wonderful pieces of kit. They give extensive information about oxygen sensors, scrubber...

X-Ray Mag #15 - Feb 2007

Henry Nelson. Does the name ring a bell? You’ll not find him in any history book or see any monuments to his honor. However, the thousands of scuba divers who visit Vanuatu every year should bless...

X-Ray Mag #13 - Oct 2006

Nowadays, the name Yamashiro could have different meanings depending on where you come from. If you live in Los Angeles, a huge pagoda near Hollywood is the oldest structure in California and...

X-Ray Mag #12 - Aug 2006

The entrance of the Sra Keow cave, north of Krabi, Thailand, is dark and quiet. All the local kids who use the pond as a playground are now back home for dinner. The only three people still there...

X-Ray Mag #05 - Jun 2005

Since the introduction of Scuba diving in the mid 1950s, one of the most hotly debated subjects in the world of technical diving is that regarding the best type of gear configuration. Over the...

X-Ray Mag #

This book is dedicated to Nitrox rebreather diving and the basic principles and skills that every rebreather diver should know and master. It covers some topics like balance and trim with a...

X-Ray Mag #

The Doing It Right philosophy can apply to a lot of things. In diving, it means having:

* The right Mindset
* The right Equipment
* The right Procedures

X-Ray Mag #

Complete version on the video about the wreck of the HMS Victoria in Lebanon


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