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MemoryKick Si from Hugyfot

New Equipment |  
The MemoryKick Si is an advanced portable photo backup, photo viewer, video player, MP3 player, card reader and complete data backup solution. Now, you can transfer any type of file (photos, videos, music, etc.) from memory cards at speeds up to 40MB/s.

Ikelite Housing for Nikon D-300 Digital SLR Camera

New Equipment |  
Molded of corrosion free clear polycarbonate and rated to a depth of 60m, the heavy duty construction provides neutral buoyancy and superb handling underwater.

Keldan LUNA 8 LA-V

New Equipment |  
Lightweight and powerful, Kelvan’s LUNA 8 LA-V uses a rechargeable Li-Ion batterypack. Offering a much higher power density and less weight than NiMH batteries, the Li-Ion batterypack also offers better performance in cold water conditions.

U/W Housing for Canon EOS 5D Mark II

New Equipment |  
The aluminum material used in MDX series housings makes it possible to manufacture a body that is both lightweight and strong.

Sony launches DSLR-A850 full-frame digital SLR

New Equipment |  
Sony unveiled its second full-frame digital SLR in the shape of DSLR-A850. It offers almost all features of the company's flagship full frame DSLR A900, but at a more affordable price.

Canon G11 released

New Equipment |  
Canon unveils successor to the PowerShot G10 The PowerShot G11 – both superb compact cameras with significant support from the underwater housing and accessories manufacturers

Nexto lauches video-backup drive

New Equipment |  
Nexto announces NVS2500 backup storage device

Aquatica Nikon D90 Housing

New Equipment |  
Aquatica is proud to introduce its new housing for the Nikon D90 camera. This exciting product is part of a new line of Aquatica underwater camera housings that are designed and built from a solid piece of aluminum to take advantage of the new, smaller and less expensive D90 DSLR camera, making high quality underwater photography and High Definition video more affordable for the recreational diver.

Backup when travelling

New Equipment |  
The NEXTO eXtreme enables users to backup any camcorder or camera without a laptop - using the built-in memory card reader or direct connect USB-OTG (On-The-Go) feature. The NEXTO eXtreme was designed for used in the field, shooting on location, or when traveling.

Aquatica Canon 5D Mk II housing

New Equipment |  
Aquatica is proud to announce its latest addition, the housing for the incredible Canon 5D mark II, with 21 mega pixels and HD video this camera/housing combination will change the rules of underwater imaging. The Aquatica housing is equipped with a hydrophone to take full advantage of the Canon 5D Mk II potential. Machined from solid aluminum, treated and anodized to military specification, then painted with a robust weather and wear resistant finish, this addition to our already wide selection of housings will benefit from the same 300 ft. depth rating that set us apart from our competitors.
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