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Sea and Sea announces the release of its RDX-600D housing for the Canon Rebel EOS 600D/T3i.

Sea and Sea RDX-600D housing for the Canon Rebel EOS 600D/T3i
New Equipment |  
Sea and Sea has released its RDX-600D housing for the Canon Rebel EOS 600D/T3i.

Sony announces updates to it's NEX cameras & lenses

Sony NEX-C3 camera
New Equipment |  
Sony has announced the new NEX-C3 EVIL camera, a new 30mm f2.8 macro lens and a firmware update for the NEX-3 and NEX-5.

KELDAN Announces the LUNA 8 LA-V CRI Video Light with 50% more power

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The new design of the LED module delivers incredible 4000 lumen

Seacam Announces new Prelude Housing Series

Seacam Prelude Housing for Nikon D7000
New Equipment |  
Seacam, often referred to by underwater photographers as the "Rolls Royce" of housing manufacturers, have responded to the recent wave of new entrants to the market by introducing a new series of housings designed to entice new buyers to the prestigious brand with an entry price of around $3500.

Aquatica releases modular Pole Cam system

Aquatica Pole Cam System
New Equipment |  
The Canadian housing manufacturer Aquatica has released an interesting, modular Pole Cam System it says is in response to the increased popularity of action photography and video of wild animals - the idea being that you can get the images, while minimizing the risk of becoming part of the actual food chain...

Aquatica Announces New Housing for the Nikon D7000

New Equipment |  
Aquatica AD7000 for the Nikon D7000

Nauticam Announces Housing for PhaseOne 645DF

Nauticam NA-645DF Housing &  PhaseOne 645DF Camera
New Equipment |  
Nauticam has took a bold step into the medium format digital camera space and announced their NA-645DF housing for the high end PhaseOne & Mamiya 645DF cameras with Phase One P+ Digital Backs.

Italian 2 Step - Easydive release Easyflash iTTL & eTTL compatible strobe

Easy Flash iTTL / eTTL Underwater Strobe
New Equipment |  
Italian underwater photography equipment company Easydive have released what they claim to be a world first - a Nikon or Canon compatible flash that works perfectly in both iTTL and eTTL mode

Sanho HyperDrive iPad Hard Drive

Sanho HyperDrive iPad Hard Drive
New Equipment |  
Cameratown Reviews the New HyperDrive iPad Portable Hard Drive for Photographers and Videographers

Focus on sharpness

New Equipment |  
Autofocus does fairly well for shooting on the fly, but to really get things just right there is nothing like manually focusing the single-lens-reflex-style cameras in a housing

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