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Update on the situation in Egypt - from Sinai Divers

Update on the situation in Egypt -  from Sinai Divers
(Filephoto) Military checkpoint in Sinai
Credit:   Peter Symes
Press Release
Forwarded by:   08-17-2013
via Sinai Divers Facebook page

Travel advisories issued by various countries' foreign offices vary and some travel agents have now begun offering their customers refunds or being rebooked to alternative destinations.
Dear Sinai Divers Guests and Friends! In light of the turbulent events and somewhat confusing reports over the last few days we would like to say a few words.

There is no denying that the situation in the country has been very tense over the past weeks and has now escalated in the cities during the last days. There is no way to hide these facts or talk around them.

In our experience international media reports are sometimes lacking in factual accuracy, so we would like to take this opportunity to inform you from our own point of view.

Since the 16th of August many European tour operators and some airlines have announced the cancellation of their programs involving Egypt until the 15th of September. They are offering customers free rescheduling or refunds on booked activities. This decision was taken despite the German Foreign Office NOT extending their travel warnings to include South Sinai and the Red Sea resorts. Trips from the UK continue to be on offer, as the British Foreign Office has also limited their travel warnings. We and our guests are hundreds of kilometres away from the areas under tension.

The country is locked in a battle which is causing unnecessary bloodshed and violence. The number of casualties is shocking. At the moment it is difficult to see if a solution acceptable to all parties, one which can hopefully lead Egypt into a better future, will eventually be reached. Having lived here for 40 years and being friends with many Egyptians makes us hope for a positive outcome! It should however be clear that any result will take time.

Egypt faces a long road ahead and needs your support. This support can come in the form of information and enlightening people about the realities of the situation! We would encourage you to pass on our view of the events to others. This is intended as a general summary, but we know that lots of our guests have very individualised questions, which we will gladly answer by email:

Rolf, Petra and the entire Sinai Divers team