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TEKDiveUSA.2014 Launches Photography Competition

Every image you have seen of awe inspiring advanced and technical diving feats or spectacular underwater scenes was captured by a photographer willing to lug heavy equipment into an extreme environment.
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Capturing the wonders of the underwater world in all of its glory is not for the faint of heart. It requires dedication and unique talent.

TEKDiveUSA ( is proud to celebrate the amazing talent of the underwater photography world. If you have caught the light just right, braved the depths or just lucked out on the perfect encounter with aquatic life, submit your photos for consideration. Then you and underwater photography fans from around the globe can vote for your favourite entries. Winners to be announced at the TEKDiveUSA Gala Dinner.

Pick through all your technical diving images, and submit only your best. There are three (3) categories: Cave, Wreck & Reef. You can submit one image or several. Then invite your friends to vote on a daily basis.

The winners will be announced at the TEKDiveUSA Gala Awards Dinner.

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