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Tek-Tite 200™ LED Strobe

Tek-Tite's 200 strobe now features a 7 Watt LED strobe module.
Tek-Tite 200 LED Strobe, X-Ray Magazine, XRay, Rosemary E Lunn
This strobe is popular with recreational, technical and military divers and fire fighters worldwide.

Tek-Tite state that this strobe is more durable and benefits from an improved flash rate and lamp life when it is compared to the previous Xenon version and other competing Xenon strobes. One factor will certainly appeal to divers. There are no fragile glass tubes that can easily be broken because this strobe uses a high-intensity LED strobe module. It is rated to 150 metres / 500 feet and the two C-cell alkaline batteries should burn for approximately 30 hours. The strobe itself is meant to last 10,000+ hours or 36+ million flashes. I wonder who counted them all?

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