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Swedes find another Soviet WW2 submarine in the Baltic

Swedish Navy locates Soviet submarine S-6 which went missing in action in 1941 in the Baltic, southeast of Öland.
A Soviet submarine that sank in 1941 in the Baltic Sea off Sweden has been discovered on the seabed, the Swedish navy confirmed on Monday.
According to Russian media, the submarine was discovered by Swedish civilian divers southeast of Öland. After being localized by HMS Belos, a submarine rescue ship, pictures were taken of the wreckage S-6 Soviet submarine that went missing in 1941.

Russian military has been informed of the discovery site that is now considered a war grave.

The navy said it believed the submarine was one of several that went missing in 1941. The submarine had sustained severe damage and was found in an area known as the "Wartburg minefield " which was mined by German forces, the navy said. The former minefield lies within Sweden's economic zone, but in international waters.

Open hatches
One of the submarine's hatches was open, suggesting it had been at the surface when it entered the minefield.

"In those days, submarines travelled at the surface to move quickly or also to charge their batteries," Commander Christian Allerman from the Swedish Navy said.

The submarine remained in two main pieces. The bow rested 2 meters north of the stern, found next to a torpedo-shaped object. The submarine was imprinted with Russian text and symbols of a Soviet hammer and sickle.

Several war-time submarines - , including Soviet submarines, which unofficially were nicknamed ‘Stalinets’ - have been found in recent years off the Swedish coast