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Skookumchuck - British Colombia

Viewing a torrent of flowing liquid turmoil while safe and dry on shore is enough to make anybody hesitate about signing up for a dive charter in the Skookumchuck Narrows. This is also the place where rushing tidal currents commonly reach impressive speeds of 14-16 knots (30 km/hr)!

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Skookumchuck Ochre Star and Painted Anemones | Barb Roy

Looking down at churning whirlpools strong enough to challenge 30-foot boats (9m) might make any diver question if it’s even possible to pierce this witch’s cauldron. Yet hundreds of divers travel to British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast every year to take on the “Skook” and test their dive skills for a look beneath. With the help of a professional dive charter operator, the Skook might be tamed long enough for a quick look or a fun exploratory ride.