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Silver treasure found at Swedish shipwreck

Divers have recovered a number of 16th century silver coins from the wreckage of the legendary Swedish warship Mars, which was discovered last year off the coast of the Baltic sea island of Ă–land
On 19 August 2011, it was announced that the shipwreck of Mars was possibly found by a team of divers, at a depth of 75 meters and around 18.5 kilometers north of Ă–land
Mars, also known as Makalös ("peerless; astounding") was a Swedish warship that was built between 1563 and 1564. At 48 meters and equipped with 107 guns it was one of the largest warships of the time.

The coins are in excellent condition and of great historic interest, especially considering where they were found," the diving expedition organizers which found the wreck, Ocean Discovery/Deep Sea Productions, said in a statement, according to local news website Barometern.se.

According to the divers, the silver coins date from the time of Sweden's King Erik XIV, who ruled over Sweden between 1560 and 1568.