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SeaLife introduces the new Flex Connect Handle

SeaLife introduces the new Flex Connect Handle
Press Release
Forwarded by:   07-01-2014

Instantly switch from a handheld dive light to a powerful photo/video light
A Dive, Photo and Video Light: The powerful new Sea Dragon 1200 and 2000 Dive Lights with Flex Connect Handle

SeaLife recently introduced its Sea Dragon Dive Lights, combining the popular, compact Sea Dragon 1200 and 2000 light heads with the new Flex-Connect Handle. Divers can instantly switch from a handheld dive light to a powerful photo/video light by mounting the light head onto any Flex-Connect arm, grip or tray.

“Ease and versatility is what SeaLife stands for,” said Karl Schuster, SeaLife’s Dive Sales Manager. “All of the compact components travel easily and allow divers to adapt to any underwater adventure.”

The new Flex-Connect Handle provides a comfortable and ergonomic solution for transforming Sea Dragon lights into a handheld dive light that’s perfect for exploring wrecks, illuminating caves, and diving at night. In addition to providing powerful lighting for underwater photography, Sea Dragon Photo/Video Lights were designed for use as dedicated dive lights, with features including a wide 100-degree beam, one button control, and three power levels.
The small handle with rubberized grip fits into the palm of a diver’s hand, allowing comfortable underwater control of the light.

Using SeaLife’s Flex-Connect mounting system, Sea Dragon light heads click instantly into the handle and can be removed with the push of a button. The recessed release button ensures that the light head will be removed only when intended.

The Flex-Connect Handle accepts many Flex-Connect accessories, and can be transformed into a grip for GoPro cameras when combined with the Flex-Connect Adapter for GoPro. By attaching a GoPro camera to the Flex-Connect adapter and clicking it into place on the handle, the camera can be comfortably held in hand, above or below the surface.

The Flex-Connect Handle is now available at dive and photo dealers, and can be purchased as a single Flex-Connect accessory, or in a packaged set with the Sea Dragon 2000 Lumen Light or Sea Dragon 1200 Lumen Light at a savings over purchasing the items individually.

Flex-Connect Handle (Item SL998) MSRP $29.95
Sea Dragon 1200 Dive Light (Item SL985) MSRP $349.95
Sea Dragon 2000 Dive Light (Item SL986) MSRP $449.95

About SeaLife:
SeaLife underwater cameras, lights and accessories are made and distributed by Pioneer Research in Moorestown, NJ. SeaLife cameras were first introduced in 1993. In 2000 SeaLife made the first digital underwater camera. In 2007 SeaLife developed the first non-housed digital underwater camera, and in 2013 SeaLife introduced the powerful Sea Dragon Lighting system and its innovative Flex-Connect tray, grip, arm and accessory system. SeaLife Cameras, Lighting and Flex-Connect Accessories are sold and serviced in 64 countries around the world.

For more information visit www.SeaLife-Cameras.com.