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Seac Masterdry 7mm Semi-dry Suit

Seac's latest neoprene offering is called “the Masterdry”.
Seac Masterdry, 7mm Semi-dry Suits, Rosemary Lunn, XRay, X-Ray Magazine
Perhaps it is a drier suit because of the location of the zip? The Titex zip on this 7mm semi-dry suit runs across the shoulders, with the “mastersealzipper” protected by two rows of stitched binding that meet.

Suit protection doesn't stop there. Key areas such as the knees, shoulders and seat are reinforced with Supratex, whilst the back benefits from a large padded spine pad. Seac has utlised ultra-elastic Smooth Skin for their wrist and ankle seals. The suit comes with complete with a roomy zipped pocket on the leg and a separate hood.

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