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Scuba Travel becomes Nordic representative for Wakatobi resorts

Scuba Travel becomes Nordic representative for Wakatobi resorts
Wakatobi resort
Credit:   Supplied with Press release
Press Release
Forwarded by:   01-11-2012
Henrik Almers | Scuba Travel Scandinavia AB

Over the years dive holiday specialist Scuba Travel has expanded the destinations that they offer to their customers in the Nordic region, often getting further away from home and adding an element of adventure into the mix.

“When Wakatobi Dive Resort in Indonesia approached us about being their Nordic representative, we jumped at the chance,” says Henrik Almers from Scuba Travel. “It has all of the elements divers are looking for – pristine reefs, caves, deep walls and few divers. Not to mention the unbelievable service with almost four staff for every guest.”

Wakatobi is located 1000 km northeast of Bali at the epicenter of marine biodiversity. Remote, yet easily reached by private air charter exclusive to the resort, it offers a brilliant symphony of underwater colours, corals and creatures on kilometres of vibrant, unspoiled and protected reefs. The only resort on these islands, Wakatobi can offer divers a unique experience.

“Our level of service is unparalleled in the diving world and our team’s attention to detail is legendary,” says Henrik Rosén executive vice-president for Wakatobi Dive Resort.

Born and bred in Sweden, Henrik Rosén has been instrumental in the decade long process of making Wakatobi, one of the world´s most remote resorts, one of its most renowned. He was part of the early pioneering days when getting to the resort – and back in one piece – was in itself a major success!

"What appeals to me the most about Wakatobi Resort is the way we break new grounds by taking care of conservation.” Wakatobi ensures that the locals are involved in the development and even pay them not to fish the reefs, but instead to help protect them.

Besides the day boats that take divers from the resort, Wakatobi’s dive liveaboard Pelagian reaches remote reefs and muck dive sites. With a maximum of 10 guests onboard, the elegant 35 meter dive yacht cruises to fantastic dive sites where no other dive operator has gone before.

Whether you choose a resort stay or world-class liveaboard cruise, or both, you’ll become part of Wakatobi’s marine conservation program through which they proactively protect the fragile reefs for generations to come.

Scuba Travel has begun to offer trips to this diver’s paradise for singles, couples, honeymooners, families and even tech divers.

Contact Scuba Travel for more information or an offer: info@scubatravel.se