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The River Una - Cave Diving in Bosnia Herzegovina

The third dimension, a Bosnian experience Cave divers are like rock-face climbers; their purpose is the same, only in the opposite direction, with one difference. Cave-diving is about as extreme as it gets. It’s a very Zen experience and the next thing to absolute oblivion. You are quite literally in a parallel universe, totally removed from reality. If its peace and quiet and isolation you’re looking for, this is the place to be.
The River Una - Cave Diving in Bosnia Herzegovina
Published in X-Ray Issue: 12 - Aug 2006
Authored by: | Photography: | Translation:
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Cave diving is not about discovering what there is but determining what there isn’t. In a cave you are surrounded by velvet darkness and an unnatural silence, leaving you with a distinct impression that the fish can hear your heartbeat. To a virgin cave diver, it looks somewhat frightening as this is a completely different type of diving, with different equipment. It appears somewhat dangerous too as there are no shotline attachments.
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