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Oceanic Omega 3 FDXi Regulator

The Oceanic Omega Regulator is back!
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Divers seeking an unhanded regulator now have another choice thanks to Oceanic. The company has recently launched their ambidextrous, side venting Omega 3 FDXi Demand Valve (DV).

The environmentally sealed, balanced, lightweight First Stage has 4 Low Pressure Ports, 2 High Pressure Ports, and the reg can be dived with up to 40% Enriched Air Nitrox (EANx) straight from the box. Oceanic state it offers high performance regardless of depth or tank pressure. Apparently the in-line design of the first stage helps to improve flow efficiency, by limiting the directional changes that gases must navigate during its journey to the second stage. In other words, the fewer right angle turns, the better the flow.

Oceanic has also revisited the location of the purge button. On this version of their Omega, it is located in the centre of the cover, not at the end of the DV. Available in all black, or a black and white body.

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