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Mystery wreck found in Stockholm's inner harbour

Two wrecks dating from the 17th century have been located just off Kastellholmen, a small island in the centre of Stockholm, reports
Sjöhistoriska museet (Maritime Museum, Stockholm, Sweden)  |  1600-talsvrak hittat i centrala Stockholm    |   04-19-2013
One of the wrecks has been sighted before but the other one came as surprise. "We believe it is a Danish warship" says Andreas Olsson, head of the Maritime Museum's archaeological unit

The bottom around Skeppsholmen and Kastellholmen in Stockholm seem littered with a large number of wrecks dating from the era when Sweden was a major military power. And that is also where the two wrecks of warships have now been sighted.

According to Andreas Olsson, head of the Maritime Museum's archaeological unit, the wrecks are probably those of warships from the 1600s which were taken by the Swedish navy as prizes following a battle at sea.

"They brought them home, used them for a while and then scuttled them on this location. We believe that one of the wrecks to be that of a Danish ship. The other one we already knew of so this new wreck only adds to the fun, says Andreas Olsson

The literally just showed up recently due to an unusually low waterlevel in Saltsjön - it is currently at its lowest level since the 1940's, when the first vessel was last observed.

In the upcoming days the Maritime Museum's experts will take samples and perform dendrochronology to establish when and where the wood in the wrecks originated.

According to Andreas Olsson, who has already been in contact with Danish colleagues, believes the wrecks to be those of "Grå Ulven" (Gray Wolf)" and "Den Store Drage" (The Great Dragon), which was known to be in area

"We do not known for certain that these are indeed the vessels in question but we do know that these wrecks should be located in this area", says Andreas Olsson. ""If you go to the Armory, you can see the old banners and other artefacts captured from foreign armed forces but so much more was sacked, and some of it lies here."

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