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MarineLife Keyword List

MarineLife Keyword List is an importable keywords file created by professional underwater photographers and educators Marty Snyderman, Barry Guimbiot, and Eric Cheng to simplify marine wildlife keywording workflow.
Eric Cheng

It contains keywords for over 12,000 species of marine life and includes not only common names, but also genus and species names, and full taxonomic structure.

Searchable by common name or part of the common name, the keyword list ensures that you will never again have to type in long pseudo-latin scientific names when keywording your images in Aperture or Lightroom.

In addition, a number of other taxonomic names such as the kingdom, phylum, class, order, family and other sub-categories exist as parent keywords and are automatically applied when you tag your image (in Lightroom).

MarineLife Keyword List can currently be imported into both Adobe Lightroom and Apple Aperture without adversely affecting your current keyword database. Upon import, the keywords are available for immediate use in keywording your marine wildlife images.

A simple affiliate program is also available for retailers or enthusiasts interested in becoming resellers.

MarineLife Keyword List sells for $99 and is available as a direct download.

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