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iDive and Watershot Incorporated Reveal the iDive Housing for the iPad

iDive and Watershot Incorporated Reveal the iDive Housing for the iPad
Press Release
Forwarded by:   06-19-2014

The First Fully Functional Touchscreen Housing for Underwater Use
Housing is a major breakthrough for researchers, professionals and anyone operating in water environments.

June 12, 2014 (San Diego, CA) – iDive® and Watershot Incorporated®. have unveiled the first fully functional underwater touchscreen for smart devices. The invention, designed first for the iPad®, holds extremely large promise for the underwater world.

iDive is the brainchild of Professor Michael Berumen, a Marine Biologist and researcher at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia, who had grown frustrated at the tedious process of writing his findings on pencil and paper while underwater and transferring the data manually via computer. He knew a digital solution must exist and felt tablets were the answer. However, most products are cases that only provide protection from water, and he quickly learned that touchscreens cannot operate correctly once submersed.

“Virtually every profession uses digital tools to maximize efficiency – from medical to aviation – but we have been bound to outdated manual options due to the fact that water and electronics just don’t mix and the conductivity of water is extremely problematic for touchscreens,” noted Berumen. He experimented with building some early prototypes and realized this was a solvable problem.

Professor Berumen turned to Watershot in December of 2012 to begin engineering solutions. Watershot, known to the consumer market as the maker of iPhone and Galaxy housings, is a long-time, proven engineering firm who specializes in technical products for use in and under water including enclosures and housings for deep-water exploration, motion picture cameras and pressurized recovery vests for rescue. Similar to other products in their wheelhouse, Watershot’s lead engineer, Jim Pena, pulled from previous experience to develop a pressure management system.

The team built the housing with a flexible membrane with the key component called the “Balance Module” which automatically manages a positive pressure supply and enables the full functionality of the touchscreen. The diver can choose between supplying air via a CO2 cartridge or the first stage regulator or pony bottle. The iDive currently has a recommended depth rating of 40 meters for CO2 supply and 100 meters for the first stage supply.

The Balance Module enables the diver to put a layer of air between the screen and membrane, while at the same time allowing the critical function of bleeding air during ascents. Berumen explained, “Although it is a simple concept, it allows divers to complete tasks underwater that are currently complex due to a lack of efficient tools, such as recording data for research purposes, managing underwater film production and building structures below the surface.”

The iDive housing also serves the recreational dive market by empowering instructors in the teaching process and enabling SCUBA divers looking to record their dives and take photos and video. With the active touchscreen, the entire dive world will benefit from wide range of apps that can now be developed for the underwater market. Multiple patents are pending.

To learn more, visit idivehousing.com.

To pre-order, log on to www.watershot.com.

About iDive:
iDive was incorporated in 2013 to further the development of the iDive housing. The iDive housing is the first fully functional touchscreen for underwater use. The company was founded by Professor Michael Berumen, a noted marine biologist at KAUST University in Saudi Arabia. iDive has teamed up with Watershot Incorporated as the engineering, manufacturing and distribution partner to bring the innovative product to market. For more information log on to www.iDivehousing.com.

About Watershot Incorporated®:
Founded in 1995 by Steve Ogles, Watershot Incorporated, is located in San Diego, CA. Trusted by the world’s best photographers, cinematographers and adventurers, Watershot Inc. designs and develops premium products used on, in and underwater. The diverse range of products and projects includes composite & aluminum film & digital dive and surf splash housings, cameraboard & aerial remote mounts & housings, freedive & surf rescue vests, iPod housings, iPhone camera housings, LED dive lights, Lithium Ion dive battery systems, and enclosures for underwater robotic exploration, including 2D & 3D laser measurement & mapping.