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Humpback Fluke ID project needs your help

The Tongan Fluke Collective (TFC) aims to utilize photographers visiting the Kingdom of Tonga and photographing humpback whales during the breeding and calving season to compile a database of fluke shots for scientific purposes.
 |  TFC on Facebook    |   08-15-2014
As a photographer who is visiting or has previously been to Tonga you can assist by donating your whale fluke photos to the TFC.

I am attempting to correlate all Fluke shots a lot of us have taken over the years in Tonga and make available to any research body for free through a photo sharing site like flickr. crowd sourcing is being recognised now as a tool for researchers to gather valuable data.

—Scott Portelly

All fluke shots will be credited to the photographer, but we will be sharing these with the scientific community and making this freely available to any researcher or organisation that would not normally have access to such resources.

Step 1

Upload to dropbox and share the link with us at scott.portelli@gmail.com


Send us your email address and we will add you to the shared dropbox folder http://www.dropbox.com/TongaFlukeID

If you are already collecting fluke shots from Tonga an have a website, flickr group or FB page where you are housing these, then simply send us the link and we can download from there.

Step 2

We upload your photos to our flickr group and credit the photographer. All EXIF data from the image will be captured so you don't have to do anything.

Find out more at the links below

Primary source â–º TFC on Facebook
Further reading â–º TFC on Flickr
Primary source â–º TFC on Facebook
Further reading â–º TFC on Flickr