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Halcyon and Santi team up

Halcyon and Santi team up
Press Release
Forwarded by:   04-06-2014
via email | website posting

Halcyon Dive systems and Santi Diving Equipment is pleased to announce the launch of cooperation, which is a combination of two of the most innovative brands in the technical diving industry.
The joint venture, which will start April 1, 2014 will result in a new marketing strategy and sales support plan. Through a combination of sales structures in selected countries, led by the u.s., Russia and Asia, customers will gain greater access to the listings of both brands, better sales support, service, and service.

Both Jarrod Jablonski (Halcyon) and Tomek Stachura (Santi) is a famous and experienced divers, together with partners, developed their businesses in order to carry out their own passions and achieve ambitious goals. Also, to make diving safer and easier to access for others. Now, after a success while working side by side, Santi and Halcyon join forces to bring a new value in the innovation industry.

To make this relationship even more sustained and serious, Santi was invited to purchase shares of the company Halcyon. For both companies it is a very exciting moment, and cooperation is the first step in the construction of a strong leader in the industry.

In response to a question why Santi and why now, Jarrod Jablonski replied: "dive Industry continues to grow, as well as our desire to discover more and more and yet undiscovered corners of the underwater world.

To achieve our very ambitious goals and remain on the leading position in innovation and design of diving equipment, as Halcyon decided to build a platform of cooperation with another diving company, which like us is the highest quality. I've known Tom for many years and worked very well for us at the wrakowym project "Mars" in Sweden.

After several long conversations became obvious to me that Tom and Santi share fully in my vision for the future of diving, and that together we will create the ideal for work on new products and common diving projects around the world. "

The same question was asked Tom Stachurze-why is Halcyon and why now. His answer was the same: "over the last few years, our brand has become the world's leading industry, and probably already a little more we can do on their own. Halcyon equipment is the perfect complement to our offer. The two companies also have a very similar approach to product quality and customer service, so our willingness to work together and join forces is somewhat natural. By connecting to the Halcyonem we can develop even more and offer customers a comprehensive offer and the best in the world a set of diving equipment. I am delighted to make this work and i can't wait to get further. "

Santi and Halcyon first appear together at Beneath the Sea, New Jersey, USA, and the Dive Resort and Travel Show in Shanghai, China-the two events will take place on the weekend of 28-March 30, 2014.

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