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Guide To Tropical Marine Fish

Guide To Tropical Marine Fish
An ocean of photos on your iPad!
Andrea & Antonella Ferrari
Area 51 Digital Publishing is proud to introduce Guide to Tropical Marine Fish, a 5-app modular series now available from Apple Stores worldwide, created by world-famous book authors, underwater photographers and diving journalists Andrea and Antonella Ferrari.

The 5 separate apps of Andrea & Antonella Ferrari’s Guide to Tropical Marine Fish number each a highly articulate archive of 100 different tropical fish species, and thanks to a complex technology allow a full immersion into the reality of the underwater tropical marine universe.

Each species is lavishly treated with full-screen zoomable high-quality photo and a fully detailed info file describing common and scientific names, distribution, size, habitat, color, pattern, life habits and identification features. All functions are readily and easily accessed via a colorful, marine-themed menu which allows easy, intuitive navigation and permit to fully personalize the Guide to Tropical Marine Fish experience:

- filing all photos and info files, sharing via Facebook, Twitter and email
- fully enabled/disabled soundtrack with musical score and underwater-themed sound effects
- fullscreen slideshow of all images
- extras (trailer, customizing features, animated credits)

Each app sells at 0,79 Euros while the full 5-app collection – numbering in total 500 fish species chosen among those most commonly observed in nature by scuba divers and snorkelers – sells for only 3.99 Euros. The 5 apps currently available will soon be followed by several others which will allow – once the collection is complete – to have at fingertip control on one’s iPad a stunning grand total of more than 1,800 marine species, making Andrea & Antonella Ferrari’s Guide to Tropical Marine Fish the largest and most complete fish guide currently available.

No more need to lug around heavy fish books on dive boats and liveaboards, or international flights and remote exotic dive resorts – your iPad is all it takes to know all about the tropical marine fish species you’ll be seeing and photographing!

Andrea & Antonella Ferrari’s Guide to Tropical Marine Fish is the extraordinary brainchild born from the cooperation between the authors’ field work –30 years spent exploring the world’s seas, with more than 15 best-selling marine life and marine photography books published worldwide in several languages - and the dynamic technological development and creativity offered by Area51 Digital Publishing. Awarded the coveted World Grand Prize for their volume Oceani Segreti at the Antibes International Festival of the Underwater Image, Andrea & Antonella Ferrari offer today, together with Area51 Digital Publishing, a state-of-the-art digital publication which will be a worldwide best-seller.

Andrea & Antonella Ferrari’s Guide to Tropical Marine Fish is an exclusive, spectacularly colorful collection of modular apps which will is an indispensable tool for classification, information and archiving aimed at all scuba divers, snorkelers, underwater photographers, marine biologists, aquarium keepers, travellers and nature lovers.

Volume 1 (from Whale Shark to Ocelot Grouper, as species follow taxonomic order) is available now! All 4 remaining apps + full 5-app collection will be available in October-November 2011, with all remaining apps of the collection following up next year.

Important note
The current version is optimized for iPad2. A version compatible with iPad1 will follow before the end of the month, with a version for iPhone being currently developed with a release date to be announced in 2012.

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