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Green turtle revived in hyperbaric chamber

A green turtle with a infected flipper did not respond well to antibiotics and was treated in a hyperbaric chamber
Flounder, a juvenile green turtle, receives hyperbaric therapy at the Jupiter Pet Emergency & Specialty Center
Carers at the Loggerhead Marinelife Center in Juno Beach, Florida, took her over to a neaby veterinary office where she was treated in a pet-size hyperbaric chamber for roughly an hour at a time.

The green turtle named Flounder was found sick with an infection near Daytona Beach, Fla., in April. She was hasn’t responded well to antibiotics.

The hyperbaric chamber, which resembles an oversize water heater, creates an oxygen-rich environment and the increased pressure drives that oxygen into the body in a way simply breathing it cannot.

“There’s no book written or even paper written on how to do this. We have to kind of make it up as we go or extrapolate from other animals,” said Charles Manire, Marinelife Center’s director of research and rehabilitation.. “It’s a trial and error sort of thing.”

Hyperbaric treatments aided the loggerhead turtle Kahuna’s recovery two years ago. Kahuna had been bitten by a shark and infection followed. The antibiotics would appear to work, but when the flow of medicine stopped, the infection returned … until they tried the hyperbaric chamber.

“Ten treatments and the infection went away and never came back,” Manire said, . Kahuna was returned to the sea.

Flounder last week completed 10 treatments in five days.