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Google Street View expands to airports and train stations

Travelers can familiarize themselves with facilities prior to arrival
  Scott Bennett
Waterloo Station, London
Interactive map plots all new additions to StreetView service

Known for providing opportunities to view streets, beaches, hiking trails and even underwater, Google Street View has added airport terminals and train stations to its photographic repertoire so travelers can ensure they know where they're going can familiarize themselves with facilities prior to arrival.

To assist travelers, sixteen international airports have been mapped worldwide, along with 50 train and tube stations and a cable car in Hong Kong. The images make it possible for people to familiarize themselves with the layout of stations, the location of the nearest toilet or departure board or find their check-in desk. They also give an insight into how accessible stations are for wheelchair users or parents.

Utilizing imagery captured with Google's StreetView Trekker backpacks, flyers can walk around an A380 aircraft stationed at Dubai Airport concourse to locate individual seat numbers, compare legroom in economy versus premium economy and even locate the nearest toilets and exits. Unfortunately, neither first class nor the cockpit is accessible, the latter for security reasons. Google has created an interactive map that plots all of these new additions to its StreetView service to make them easier to find.

Users can click a marker on the map to see what its pointing at and then click the shortened link to go straight to that transport depot. The latitude and longitude coordinates are also listed. Google is planning to map more transport locations and add them to the interactive map in future.