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Freediving champion on Mandy Rae-Cruickshank on records, risks and family

Right after setting the Women's Constant Ballast World Record at 88m/289ft on April 29, 2007
Freediving is a sport that can show you the beauty and serenity of the underwater world as well as the inner strength and determination that is hidden in all of us. This is what draws Mandy-Rae to the sport of freediving.
All humans are tied to the aquatic realm by hidden mammalian diving reflexes. These are some of the same reflexes that allow whales, seals, and dolphins dive to such incredible depths. Freediving helps our bodies to remember these reflexes and allow us to further explore the underwater world.

Born in Canada in 1974, Mandy-Rae has been active in water related activities since before she could walk. Her competitive edge started at the age of nine when she started competing as a synchronized swimmer.

At the age of 15, Mandy-Rae decided to get a little deeper and became a certified Scuba diver. After high school she decided to make diving her fulltime passion and became a PADI Instructor and then PADI Course Director.

It wasn't until 2000 that Mandy-Rae was introduced to freediving. It was an instant attraction. What better way to experience the sea and challenge yourself at the same time. By the end of the year Mandy-Rae placed 3rd in her first AIDA international team competition in Nice, France and had done 136 meters in the no-limits category.

Since then, Mandy-Rae has gone on to capture twelve National records and seven World records. As a six time member of Team Canada she has been there to help the women's team to two first place finishes and three third place finishes in AIDA International competitions.

Mandy-Rae is aprt of the movie The Cove (by OPS) where she helps to uncover theplight of our oceans and the dolphons and whales that live in them.

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