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Fourth Element SUB-30 Technical Garment Wash

Fourth Element has launched a first for divers - a fabric detergent designed for technical sportswear.
SUB-30 is environmentally friendly and does not contain optical bleach, phosphates, zeolites or fabric softener.

SUB-30 is a liquid detergent. Why do I mention this? It is possible for particles of powered washing agents to get caught in the fabric during the wash cycle. You do not have this problem with a liquid detergent; it easily dissolves during the washing process.

SUB-30 is specifically formulated for use at low temperatures, hence the name. (30 degrees centigrade and under). You can wash all Fourth Element undergarments in SUB-30, and one would assume this can also be used to clean other manufacturers thermal protection too. It should help eliminate sweat, bacteria and unpleasant odours from technical fabrics, and you can have the option of hand or machine washing.

It is good to see that the environment and packaging has also been considered. SUB-30 not only looks after your technical garments, it is gentle because it does not contain optical bleach, phosphates, zeolites or fabric softener. For those of you not on main drainage, ie have septic tanks, this is an ideal product for you. One drawback of a septic tank is that you have to be very careful about the cleaning products you use in the house and for your clothes, because they can upset the chemical balance in the tank.

Fourth Element state the 480ml bottle will do approximately 12 washes. Once empty, you can cut the shrink-wrap off and recycle the bottle.

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