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Fabulous Fiji

" I’d like to introduce you to some of our friends, enthused our guide Manasa, a.k.a Papa, as he held aloft a well-worn loose-leaf binder. The photographs within produced nervous laughter and a couple of anxious glances amongst a few of the divers. Then again, with names like Scarface, Hook and Big Mama, these were no ordinary friends. They were sharks, and we would soon be making their acquaintance. "

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Soft coral at Carpet Reef, Beqa Lagoon. | Scott Bennett

Lying at the crossroads of the South Pacific, the Fiji Islands have long been famous as an idyllic tropical paradise. While famous for its vibrant coral reefs, Fiji’s Beqa Lagoon (pronounced Beng-a) on the main island of Viti Levu is rapidly gaining fame as a world-class shark diving destination.