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Eric Nordevall online

Eric Nordevall online
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Credit:   wecOcean
Press Release
Forwarded by:   12-19-2012
Erik Rådström | Projectleader

Nearly a year after the extensive documentation of the wreck Eric Nordevall we can finally present the first Swedish shipwreck museum online. We are proud to once again be able to raise the bar for the wreck to be presented to public!

Throughout 2012, parts of the Dykpark Vättern group worked to compile the material collected from the wreck but also through interviews and meetings with people previously involved in the documentations of the wreck.

One of the projects erlier partners, wec360 formed the brand wevOcean together with Erik Rådström. The idea was to offer 360° images underwater to paying customers after the suc- cess with the images published in 2011.

As a part of the product development process, the Eric Nordevall was used as an example once again when a scale 3D model was built.

We can once again present wrecks for the pub- lic in a new groundbreaking way.
Through one of our meetings with Ã…ke Svensson, the finder of the wreck we got a hold of a large number of newspaper articles he had saved over the years after its discovery.

We have scanned, sorted and applied permission to re-publish the articles and make them available to the public once again.

In addition to history, there will also be an opportunity to listen to Ake’s own story when he and his brother dived on the wreck for the first time.