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Divers of the Dark

Divers of the Dark
The book is currently available through PayPal and
Antti Apunen and Janne Suhonen
Divers of the Dark is an exciting, fascinating introduction to cave diving. Its photographs give a rare insight into an underwater world. The book is suitable for everybody who is interested in adventure and diving
Divers of the Dark Publisher: Tammi ISBN: 978-951-31-4681-8 Size: 197 x 260 mm Pages: 160 Hard cover English translation by Marju Galitsos

(excerpt from EutoTek)

Janne Suhonen is a Helsinki-based freelance photographer. Born in 1975, he graduated from the Lahti Design Institute and specialises in underwater photography.

Together with author Antti Apunen, a Helsinki-based writer and entrepreneur the two men have published numerous articles on cave and wreck diving together. They have been diving together for many years and have visited caves and seas all over the world.

They started their common underwater documentation projects in 2005. The first acticle published was about Molnar Janos cave in Budapest. The article lead into a book project, Divers of the Dark (published 2009).

The book was soon followed by two documentary projects that are still under production. The first of them, Evacuation of Hanko project grew from the long time research and finding of previously undived WWII wrecks in the Gulf of Finland.

The other passion for Antti and Janne, cave diving, is a subject to another ongoing project. The first part of the series is about exploring caves in France.