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Dive club scuppered by theft of boat engine

Calshot British Sub Aqua Club has had their £6,000 engine stolen off the back of their RHIB.
The rigid hulled inflatable boat was in a locked storage facility on a New Forest Form. Thieves made off with a Yamaha 150bhp two-stroke engine. Whoever took the engine ripped it out, cutting through cables and pipes. (Fuel lines, pipes to the oil reservoir, throttle cables, steering lines and the echo location system etc).

The incident occurred on or around Sunday 6th July 2014

This does not appear to be an isolated or a spontaneous theft. British Police are urging boat owners to be alert following evidence that the theft of high value engines by professional gangs has increased "significantly". Whoever is doing it is giving it some consideration, and boats have been specifically targeted. Some of the equipment has been moved very well by people who know what they are doing, have the knowledge and tools.

All UK boat owners need to step up crime prevention measures and be extra vigilant. The Police recommend making a record of serial numbers on engines and taking pictures to allow the equipment to be tracked if it is recovered.

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