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Antarctic explorer Robert Scott's ship found

The SS Terra Nova, the ship that took Captain Robert Falcon Scott and his team on their ill-fated expedition to the Antarctic a century ago, has been found on the seabed off Greenland.
The SS Terra Nova was found by a team from a US research company.
Schmidt Ocean Institute press release  |  Polar vessel SS Terra Nova Discovered    |   08-19-2012
The famous polar exploration vessel was known to have sunk off the coast of Greenland in September 1943 after being damaged by ice.

It is incredible that one of the most famous ships in history has been found 100 years after the race for the pole and in the year commemorating the event.

A crew from the Schmidt Ocean Institute discovered the Terra Nova whilst testing echo-sounding equipment aboard its flagship vessel - the R/V Falkor.

Last month, during routine functional performance testing of the mutibeam mapping echosounders on the Schmidt Ocean Institute’s flagship R/V Falkor, the team aboard—including researchers from the University of New Hampshire, Ifremer, and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution—discovered the S.S. Terra Nova, a whaler, sealer and polar exploration ship that sunk off the southern coast of Greenland in September, 1943, after being damaged by ice. The crew was saved by the US Coast Guard cutter Southwind.

Robert Scott
On arriving at the geographical South Pole in January 1912, Scott and his party discovered they had been beaten to it by a Norwegian team led by Roald Amundsen.

The polar team led by Scott died on their return journey from the pole; their bodies were found by a search party eight months later.

Their endeavour became popularly known as the Terra Nova expedition.

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