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Treasure hunting

Treasure discovery on 1715 wreck off Florida

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Blue Water Ventures International working off the coast of Ft. Pierce, FL, recovered a beautiful gold coin along with a number of silver coins and other shipwreck related artifacts.

Odyssey recovers huge treasure

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Over 13,500 silver and gold coins as well as gold ingots, Dust, Nuggets and jewelry From SS Central America shipwreck.

Odyssea recovers gold from SS Central America shipwreck

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More than 60 pounds of gold has been recovered from the 157-year-old shipwreck off South Carolina coast

Odyssey recovers huge silver cargo

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Odyssey Marine Exploration has begun recovery of a silver cargo from from the SS Gairsoppa which lies three miles deep in the North Atlantic.

US Supreme Court declines US treasure hunters' appeal

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Supreme Court upholds $500 million in coins that US treasure hunters had recovered belongs to Spain

Treasure hunter locates gold-laden wreck

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Marex Global Deep Sea Recovery announces that the company had located, dived on and filmed the major part of a valuable gold laden steamship lost off the Eastern coast of the USA.

Five years of legal wrangle over billion dollar treasure is over

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After more than 200 years and a five-year legal battle, Spanish treasure comes home.

Treasure hunter claims he found $3 billion WWII wreck

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Sub Sea Research LLC has located off the coast of Cape Cod the shipwreck of the Port Nicholson, a British freighter secretly carrying 71 tons of platinum when it was torpedoed by a German U-boat in 1942,the BBC reported.

UFO or mysterious Russian Space Ship? What lurks in the Baltic?

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Have the Ocean Explorer found another Stonehenge under water?

Glenn Butler speaking about the RMS Republic wreck in NYC

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On January 11, 2012 7PM at McGees Irish Pub at the NYC Sea Gypsies January meeting Glenn Butler will be making a multi-media presentation on the wreck of the RMS Republic and the salvage and archeological work his salvage team performed.
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