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Operation Deadlight

X-Ray Magazine article |  
At the end of Second World War, the allied forces were in possession of 120 German U-boats. They decided to let them sink in the deep water of the Atlantic Ocean during a special operation for this purpose.
61 - Jul 2014 | Operation Deadlight

Visiting the HMS m/A1 Submarine Protected Wreck Diver Trail

videoclips |  
The trail is based around the protected wreck of a HMS/mA1 which is the first British-designed submarine used by the navy that sank in 1911 in the Solent.

Finnish divers locate intact WW1 German submarine in the Baltic

Article citing other sources |  
The boat was found in the western Gulf of Finland after being lost without a trace for nearly a century

WWII Nazi U-boat discovered in Java Sea

article |  
Skeletons of 17 crewmembers still aboard

Last Japanese WWII mega-sub located

Article citing other sources |  
The Japanese submarine was among the largest submarines of World War II, able to carry aircraft and could travel one-and-a-half times around the world without needing to refuel.

Secrets of the Baltic: Discovery of three submarines

videoclips |  

Another German WW2 submarine located off Norway

Article citing other sources |  
The "U-486" was torpedoed and broken in two by a British submarine in April 1945 shortly after leaving the western Norwegian town of Bergen. There was no survivors.

Swedes find another Soviet WW2 submarine in the Baltic

Article with video |  
Swedish Navy locates Soviet submarine S-6 which went missing in action in 1941 in the Baltic, southeast of Ă–land.

China secretly salvaged British submarine

Article citing other sources |  
China secretly salvaged a British submarine sunk in an accident in 1931. Beijing has admitted that it raised and scrapped the Poseidon in 1972

German World War II sub discovered off Massachusetts

Article citing other sources |  
The U-550 is one of several World War II-era German U-boats that have been discovered off the U.S. coast, but it's the only one that sank in that area.
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