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Artifical Reefs

Florida Panhandle launches shipwreck trail

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Underwater trail showcases Florida shipwrecks and promotes Panhandle tourism

Fighter jets become Florida's newest artificial reef

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On June 26, 2014 two Voodoo F101 Fighter Jets became artificial reefs off the coast of Panama City Beach, FL

Florida's Artificial Reefs

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Miles of white sandy beaches, family vacation destinations, infamous spring break festivities and outstanding state parks attract millions of visitors to Florida annually from around the world. But there is so much more to see—especially for those who like to take their sightseeing down below the ocean and gulf waters—like the beauty and magic of thousands of artificial reefs that lie beneath the surface along Florida’s coastlines.
60 - May 2014 | Florida Artificial Reefs

Proposed artificial reef sparks dispute in British Columbia

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Gambier Island residents deem project environmentally unsafe

USS Mohawk wreck turned into u/w art gallery

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The USS Mohawk, a historic WWII warship and artificial reef off Florida's Sanibel island, has been transformed into an underwater gallery exhibiting Austrian-born Andreas Franke's 3rd underwater art project

Cyprus to expand dive sites

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Five new marine parks set to open by summer

Portugal: A First for Sinking Two Ships in One Day!

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A new record was set when two ships were scuttled as artificial reefs in one long day. X-Ray Mag's Barb Roy is on location.

USGC Mohawk becomes new artificial reef in Florida

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The former US Coast Guard cutter sink in only minutes once her explosives detonated sending her on her final voyage to the sea floor off the Coast of Fort Myers, Florida

Planned artificial reef in California gets a No

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Plans to make the USS Kawishiwi the next artificial reef in California ended this month when the U.S. Maritime Administration (MARAD) withdrew the ship from the list of vessels considered suitable for reefing.

A Must Dive - Art exhibition on USS Vanderberg

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Andreas Franke has made it again, the Second Edition of his Vanderberg Series is now hung on the wreck, in May 2012. This unique Underwater Exhibit on Key West's Hallmark Artificial Reef will be in place for another four months.
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