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Cedric Verdier

Japanese Battleship

X-Ray Magazine article |  
Nowadays, the name Yamashiro could have different meanings depending on where you come from. If you live in Los Angeles, a huge pagoda near Hollywood is the oldest structure in California and hosts a famous restaurant named Yamashiro or “Mountain palace” in Japanese. If you live in Kyoto, Japan, Yamashiro is the name of an area close-by. And for the older generation, it’s also the name of a never forgotten Japanese battleship lost during WWII during one of the major battles of naval history, the battle of Leyte, October 1944. Finally, if you’re a scuba diver, you might have heard about the wreck of the HIJMS Yamashiro as definitely the most challenging shipwreck in the world, because of the remoteness of the location, the extreme depth and the very bad diving conditions.
13 - Oct 2006 | Japanese Battleship

Bailout on a rebreather

X-Ray Magazine article |  
Bailing out to Open Circuit is like falling in the snow when you are learning to ski. It’s a solution when facing a problem—not always the most elegant solution, but always the easiest one, and most of the time, the most efficient one.
19 - Oct 2007 | Bailout on a rebreather

No Secret for Victoria!

X-Ray Magazine article |  
What does a fish exporter from Norway, a Chief Information Officer and diving instructor living in the Netherlands, a renowned lawyer based in Cyprus, a Project Manager working in Sweden, and an expat French Technical Diving Instructor have in common?
26 - Oct 2008 | No Secret for Victoria!

Sidemounts - A matter of Convenience

X-Ray Magazine article |  
It has been a year now since I started to exclusively side-mount the off-board tanks of my rebreather—either a Megalodon CCR or an Evolution CCR. Why? Simply because it’s much more convenient!
21 - Feb 2008 | A matter of Convenience

Rescue in Remote locations

X-Ray Magazine article |  
Do you plan to explore a deep virgin wreck? Is it your dream to discover a unique cave system deep in the jungle? Have you heard about a Blue Hole miles off shore and want to give it a try? In any case, chances are you’ll be diving in a remote location where emergency medical systems are not much more frequent and up-to-date than traffic lights in the Himalayas.


X-Ray Magazine article |  
Since the introduction of Scuba diving in the mid 1950s, one of the most hotly debated subjects in the world of technical diving is that regarding the best type of gear configuration. Over the years, many experienced divers, instructors, and training agencies, have all claimed that their method and style of kit configuration is the best.
05 - Jun 2005 | Configuration

10 Q & A’s About DIR Rebreather

X-Ray Magazine article |  
What is DIRrebreather? Since its implementation a few years ago, the Doing It Right (DIR) philosophy has gained in popularity not only in the cave diving community and amongst technical divers, but it has also spread to the recreational diving community across the world.
23 - May 2008 | What is DIRrebreather?

Seven Deadly Sins

X-Ray Magazine article |  
Except if you spent a few years in a catholic church or a few hours enjoying the movie with Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman, the seven deadly sins are often considered a notion of the past.

Rebreather for Cave Diving

X-Ray Magazine article |  
The use of rebreathers in caves is nothing new. Decades ago, Hans and Lotte Hass used them to venture into marine caves. Profiles like Rob Palmer in the UK, Bill Stone, George Irvine and Jarrod Jablonski in the USA, or Olivier Isler in Europe, are also strongly linked to rebreathers and cave diving.

Rebreather comfort

X-Ray Magazine article |  
Most of the articles one can find about rebreathers deal with potential problems and limits of these wonderful pieces of kit. They give extensive information about oxygen sensors, scrubber duration, e
16 - Apr 2007 | Rebreather Comfort
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