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My Sunset Rendezvous: Crisis in Tahiti

Books & Media |  “Once upon a time, before the sharks were finned, we met at sunset …”

Sharks may mistake some humans for birds

article |  
New report suggests kite surfers may be at risk

Massachusetts Bans Shark Fin Trade

A finned shark waits for death
note |  

Shark sightings off Massachusetts sparks tourism windfall

article |  
Great white shark numbers soaring due to successful conservation efforts.

Whale Sharks congregating around Azores

article |  
Warming water temperatures attracting sharks in increasing numbers

US lists four hammerhead shark species under Endangered Species Act

article |  
New listing protects Atlantic and Pacific populations in US waters

Philippine Airlines (PAL) says it has stopped flying shark fin cargoes

Article citing other sources |  
Philippine Airlines joins a number of other Asia-Pacific carriers in taking a stand for marine conservation.

The Art of Wolfgang Leander

X-Ray Magazine article |  
At the almost venerable age of 73, Wolfgang Leander is one of the great pioneers of freediving with sharks, whose writing and photography have made him a legend.

Great white shark heads into the Gulf, baffles scientists

Article with video |  
A great white shark is being tracked by marine researchers has so far made its way from Massachusetts' Cape Cod to the northeast Gulf of Mexico.

Tears of a Mermaid

videoclips |  
Conservationist Hannah Fraser was filmed patting and swimming among a shiver of Tiger sharks and this footage was a part of the documentary Tears of a Mermaid
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