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Scuba Confidential | Simon Pridmore

How Did That Get in There? —Water in the Tank Mystery

X-Ray Magazine article |  
Anna’s story: “I was on my eighth or ninth dive, about five minutes in and at a depth of around 13 metres when I realized that my air was not coming out smoothly. I couldn’t think why this should be. I had checked my pressure gauge on descent and it had shown 190 bar. I switched to my octopus, but there was no difference. Soon the air became very thin. I tried to stay calm and thought for a few seconds. Everyone was going deeper and nobody was looking at me. By now the air had completely stopped and I was holding my breath. I knew something was very wrong. Then my husband looked around and saw that I was not following. He came back to me, gave me his regulator and took me up to the surface with him.”

Don’t Let Folk Get Carried Away!

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A few weeks ago, a dive centre chartered a boat to take five divers and two instructors out to some islands off the south coast of Bali. It was rainy season and, behind the rainclouds, there would be a full moon that night in an area where currents are notoriously strong and unpredictable.

Scuba Confidential: Breaking the Chain

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Last year I was invited to deliver a lecture at the Oztek show in Sydney, Australia. I spoke on the topic “What Makes a Good Technical Diver”, and one particular point I covered on accident avoidance drew a very positive response and provoked a number of questions from the audience.

Where’s the O2?

X-Ray Magazine article |  
In many cases, there is actually no plan to deal with a DCI incident. The rationale given runs along the lines of, “It hardly ever happens, so it is not worth thinking about until it does.”
58 - Jan 2014 | Where the O2?

Unselling the Product

X-Ray Magazine article |  
For the first article in this series, I have chosen to get up on my soapbox with a little constructive (I hope) rant about an area where I think the dive industry is failing itself and its customers.
57 - Nov 2013 | Underselling the Product
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