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Beluhas of the White Sea

X-Ray Magazine article |  
New Sea Farm Raises White Whales in the White Sea

Can dolphins "talk" with whales?

Article citing other sources |  
A dolphin appeared to "talk" to two stranded whales before leading them to safety. How common is inter-species communication?

Why Russian whales are stinky

article |  
Since the early 1990’s, aboriginal whale hunters in Russia’s northeastern Chukotka province have reported that about one-tenth of the whales they killed for food smelled so putrid that they were inedible.

Researchers find wintering ground for rare right whales

article |  
Whale researchers at NOAA’s Northeast Fisheries Science Center to believe they have identified a wintering ground and potentially a breeding ground for this endangered species

Pilot whales get stranded on New Zealand beach

article |  
It would have been a Christmas tragedy for some 63 beached pilot whales if not for the tremendous help rendered by the community and tourists of Colville Bay in New Zealand.

Mystery as beached whale found in field 800 m from the shore

Article with video |  
Marine experts have been left baffled after a rare whale was found over 800 metres from the shore in the Humber Estuary, Skeffling, East Yorkshire.

NOAA, France partner in historic effort to protect North Atlantic humpback whales

article |  
The agreement will help improve humpback whale recovery in the North Atlantic by enhancing management coordination efforts between the two sanctuaries.

Japanese advocate calls for cessation of whale hunt

article |  
Internal criticism leaves future of controversial Antarctic hunt in doubt.

Climate Change and Marine Mammals: Winners and Losers

article |  
Study on the Effects of Global Warming on the Diversity and Distribution of Whales, Dolphins and Pinnipeds.

Huge Fin whale gathering spotted in UK waters

Article citing other sources |  
Whale sightings off the Cornish coast is one of the "largest gatherings" of the species ever seen in British waters.

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