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14 Mar 2015 - 15 Mar 2015

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Save the whales oceanography project UCLA

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Beaked whales found to forage off the Bahamas

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New evidence show these difficult to study deep-diving creatures use specific ocean features such as salinity and temperature to find their prey.

Pacific Gray Whale population boosted

Frequently visible from shore, gray whales provide a unique opportunity for land
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The Pacific gray whale population received a significant and much-needed boost this season, which is evident by the remarkable number of calves passing California on their first-ever journey to Arctic home waters.

New marine park in Western Australia

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The biggest humpback whale calving area in the southern hemisphere will be protected within a new marine park to be created on the Kimberley coast by the West Australian government.

App lets you track whales of the US East Coast

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The new application absorbs scientific data on whales as they traverse the offshore waters and plots their general location on an easy-to-read nautical map.

New app helps mariners avoid endangered right whales

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WhaleALERT is an app designed to augment existing ship navigation tools informing mariners of the safest and most current information to reduce the risk of ship and right whale collisions.

Arctic killer whales don’t eat fish

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Little is known about Arctic killer whale prey preference or behavior, but new research has tried to determine the diet of the Arctic killer whale. It seems to prefer other whales over fish.

Humpbacks in the southern Indian Ocean sing differently

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A recently published study by the Wildlife Conservation Society and others reveals that humpback whales on both sides of the southern Indian Ocean are singing different tunes, unusual since humpbacks in the same ocean basin usually all sing very similar songs

Huge Blue Whale colony discovered in Sri Lanka

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At 30 metres in length and 180 metric tons or more in weight, it is the largest known animal to have ever existed.

Sea Sherherd use drones

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On Christmas day the crew on board the Steve Irwin found the Japanese whaling factory ship by using a military-style drone.
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