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Florida Panhandle launches shipwreck trail

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Underwater trail showcases Florida shipwrecks and promotes Panhandle tourism

Treasure discovery on 1715 wreck off Florida

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Blue Water Ventures International working off the coast of Ft. Pierce, FL, recovered a beautiful gold coin along with a number of silver coins and other shipwreck related artifacts.

Fighter jets become Florida's newest artificial reef

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On June 26, 2014 two Voodoo F101 Fighter Jets became artificial reefs off the coast of Panama City Beach, FL

New Law in Florida: Dive Flags AND Dive Buoys

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New law in Florida provides divers with the choice of marking their position in the water by allowing either a flag or a buoy.

Florida's Artificial Reefs

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Miles of white sandy beaches, family vacation destinations, infamous spring break festivities and outstanding state parks attract millions of visitors to Florida annually from around the world. But there is so much more to see—especially for those who like to take their sightseeing down below the ocean and gulf waters—like the beauty and magic of thousands of artificial reefs that lie beneath the surface along Florida’s coastlines.
60 - May 2014 | Florida Artificial Reefs

Last Call for TEKDiveUSA.2014 Tickets

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It is 21 days and counting until TEKDiveUSA.2014 ( If you are eager to know more about diving, it is worth buying your pass to North American's inaugural advanced and technical diving conference.

United States Coast Survey steamer added to National Register of Historic Places

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The wreck of the ship Robert J. Walker, a steamer that served in the U.S. Coast Survey,, has been added to the National Register of Historic Places, NOAA informs

Civil War-era warship poised to become underwater archaeological preserve

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The USS Narcissus which sank near Egmont Key in 1866 during a winter storm is slated to become Florida's 12th underwater archaeological preserve.

Florida to recruit divers to combat lionfish

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Fishery managers will urge Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation voting board members to take more steps that allow divers to kill lionfish

Florida: Dive boat operators face charges of illegally feeding sharks

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Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) have filed charges against four men linked to the illegal feeding of sharks and fish within state waters.
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