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United States

Massachusetts Bans Shark Fin Trade

A finned shark waits for death
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First fish ever taken off the Endangered Species List

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A tiny minnow that lives only in Oregon backwaters is the first fish ever taken off U.S. Endangered Species Act protection because it is no longer threatened with extinction.

'In-water Recompression: Pros and Cons' Talk

Dr Matias Nochetto, Dr Neal  W Pollock, Dr Neal Polllock, Dr Dick Vann, Roz Lunn
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The DAN Research Team are holding one of their FREE community lectures this coming Wednesday evening, 5th February 2014, in Durham, North Carolina.

Juergensen Marine appoints new global distributor; SubGravity

Juergensen Marine, SubGravity, Kevin Juergensen, Randy Thornton, Hammerhead ccr
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Juergensen Marine, Inc. – a leading supplier of advanced expedition-grade rebreathers – is proud to announce an exclusive distribution deal with Utah based SubGravity.

Dr. Richard D. Vann to be awarded prestigious NOGI

Dr Richard Vann, flying after diving research, Rebreather Forum 3, hyperbaric
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The Academy Of Underwater Arts And Sciences has announced that Dr. Richard D. Vann has been selected for induction into the 2014 Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences (AUAS) Fellow Program.

Diver caught smuggling pot into the US

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A Canadian scuba diver has been arrested after attempting to smuggle pot into the United States

New record: Longest ever freshwater scuba dive

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Jerry Hall of Kingsport, Tennessee, set the world record for the longest freshwater scuba dive by spending more than six days below the surface of South Holston Lake.

Few more belugas in Alaska

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The endangered beluga whales in Alaska saw a slight increase in numbers last year, a survey showed.

Noise hamper whale communication

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High levels of background noise, mainly due to ships, have reduced the ability of critically endangered North Atlantic right whales to communicate with each other by about two-thirds.

8% of U.S. marine waters protected

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Vast majority allows fishing and other activities.
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