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South America

Pink dolphins in Bolivia receive presidential protection

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Not only that, President Juan Evo Morales himself had called on the country's armed forces to protect the river basins where the Bolivian pink dolphin lives.

Malpelo Island

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Three of world’s best shark spots are located far off the coast of Central and South American, in the eastern Pacific Ocean. The least known of them, the tiny Colombian island of Malpelo, together with Galapagos and Cocos, create a “golden triangle” for big fish fans.

Orcas in Patagonia

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Professional work with the Orcas of Punta Norte with WOW & Patagonia Project.

Giant Mantas of Equador

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here is a recently developed term making its way into common use amongst the wider dive community, and that term is, citizen scientist. The science community is waking up to the fact that the common man and woman are valuable resources for acquiring many missing pieces in the jigsaw puzzle that is marine research, particularly for migratory species.
47 - Mar 2012 | Giant Mantas of Equador

Easter Island slated for marine sanctuary

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NGOs, government and local communities to work together to protect ocean life.

Divers explore Mayan ruins in Guatamalan lake

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Divers probe Mayan ruins submerged in volcanic lake in Guatemala

New Marine Protected Area provides safe haven for turtles in Uruguay

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A new Marine Protected Area (MPA) has been officially designated at Cerro Verde in Uruguay, following years of research and lobbying by national NGO Karumbé and other local organisations.

Dispute over wreck of WW2 battleship

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The Admiral Graf Spee, the German "pocket battleship" scuttled to Uruguay in 1939, is caught in the middle of a struggle between the businessman salvaging it and the German government, which wants to prevent its commercialization.

Freshwater Stingrays

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Potamotrygon is a genus of freshwater stingrays native to the rivers of South America. As of July 2006, FishBase lists seventeen distinct species. The type species is P. hystrix.

Fragile and rare coral reefs on Galapagos to be protected

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Some of the world’s rarest and most fragile coral reefs and the economies that depend on them will be better protected thanks to a major international marine project led by the University of Southampton.
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