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'Mars - the magnificent' shipwreck explored

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Researcher Johan Rönnby received National Geography Society grant to study wreckage of 450-year-old Swedish war ship 'Mars' in the Baltic Sea.

Dalarö: Marine Archeological Wreck Park

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The Baltic Sea offers some very treacherous waters even under the best of circumstances. The price to pay for sailing the Baltic through the millenniums has been high, and traces of those costs are scattered over the bottom.

Mystery wreck found in Stockholm's inner harbour

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Two wrecks dating from the 17th century have been located just off Kastellholmen, a small island in the centre of Stockholm, reports

Eric Nordevall online

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Nearly a year after the extensive documentation of the wreck Eric Nordevall we can finally present the first Swedish shipwreck museum online. We are proud to once again be able to raise the bar for the wreck to be presented to public!

Swedes find another Soviet WW2 submarine in the Baltic

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Swedish Navy locates Soviet submarine S-6 which went missing in action in 1941 in the Baltic, southeast of Ă–land.

Silver treasure found at Swedish shipwreck

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Divers have recovered a number of 16th century silver coins from the wreckage of the legendary Swedish warship Mars, which was discovered last year off the coast of the Baltic sea island of Ă–land

Divers investigate the mystery object on the bottom of the Baltic

Video (in Swedish) from the dive on the mysterious object on the bottom of the Baltic.
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Swedish daily Expressen publishes first video from the mysterious object on the bottom of the Baltic which was first discovered a year ago.

Gray seals consume as many fish as the fishing industry

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The grey seals in the Baltic eat about the same quantities of cod, common whitefish, salmon, sea trout and eel as those taken by fishermen, Swedish researchers find.

Scuba Travel becomes Nordic representative for Wakatobi resorts

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Over the years dive holiday specialist Scuba Travel has expanded the destinations that they offer to their customers in the Nordic region, often getting further away from home and adding an element of adventure into the mix.

Travel through centuries – Excavating Stockholm

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The city of Stockholm, Sweden is a rather exotic part of the world. No wonder, it’s roots as a city began 1252. A lot has been going on over the centuries, and as the city grew, treasures and stories of the past have been buried and unburied in the process.
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