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Ponza Island — The Isle of Circe the Sorceress

X-Ray Magazine article |  
The power of the island of Ponza lies in its ability to preserve an intangible aura of magic, which nature has given it, in the marriage of heaven and earth, water and fire, in the racing of land and sea after each other, relentlessly.

Only 15 days to EUDI Show

Article citing other sources |  
On March 14, 2014 the Bologna Fair will open its gates for the 22nd edition of the Eudi Show (European Dive Show), the landing European expo completely dedicated to the diving industry.

Spanish galleon found off Sicily

Article with video |  
A Spanish galleon dating back to the 18th century has been discovered by Italian authorities off the coast of Messina, in the southern region of Sicily. The ship reportedly sank in a naval battle with an English fleet.

Divers loot Costa Concordia

Article citing other sources |  
Scuba-diving looters have been removing items from the wreck of the cruise ship Costa Concordia that ran aground off Tuscany Jan. 13, Italian authorities said.

Giant WW2 plane found in the Med

Article citing other sources |  
Divers and amateur historians stumbled upon an amazingly intact Messerschmitt 323 200ft underwater off Sardinian coast while they were searching for another sunken plane

Near-Intact 2,000 year old shipwreck discovered

Article with video |  
The ship, which was found in the sea off the town on Varazze in the province of Liguria, is thought to be a Roman-era commercial vessel.

Underwater Art Exhibit on tanker Haven wreck

Press releases |  
This underwater exhibition will be placed on the wreck of the Haven oiltanker which sank in 1991 in the Gulf of Genoa, Ital..

165 invasive marine species found in Italy

article |  
During the time period 1945– 2009 a total number of 165 marine alien species were recorded along Italian coasts according to a report. In many cases these were native in the tropical regions of the world.




Polluce Wreck - the Recovery

X-Ray Magazine article |  
It was one of those highly unlikely chains of unforeseable events that led us to Elba the pictoresque but somewhat mislaid lump of land in the Meditterean made famous by emperor Napoleon’s exile here: The fact that the treasureship Polluce was finally being excavated.

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