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Ponza Island — The Isle of Circe the Sorceress

X-Ray Magazine article |  
The power of the island of Ponza lies in its ability to preserve an intangible aura of magic, which nature has given it, in the marriage of heaven and earth, water and fire, in the racing of land and sea after each other, relentlessly.

Royal Navy charts reefs and wrecks off Libyan coast

Article citing other sources |  
HMS Echo used state-of-the-art sonar equipment to map the unseen wrecks, reefs and rocks of the Libyan coast and make navigation less hazardous.

Heracleion - the lost Egyptian city revealed after 1,200 years

Article citing other sources |  
The lost city found underwater in the Mediterranean Sea is set to be revealed next week in a special television documentary.

Mediterranean best protected by no-take marine reserves

article |  
A study by international scientists suggests that the best way for marine life to recover is by marine reserves.

Kas, Turkey

X-Ray Magazine article |  
Pearls of the Mediterranean: From high speed to slow down

Stunning Mediterranean Jellies

videoclips |  
Explore the magical world of jellies -- graceful, dancing drifters that pulse and glow, flash colorful lights and often pack a powerful sting -- in the Monterey Bay Aquarium's exhibit "The Jellies Experience."

"330 meters under the sea" with Pascal Bernabe

videoclips |  
This is a VDO footage of the movie about the deepest dive on open circuit done by Pascal Bernabe - 330 meters that he did on the 5th of June 2005 near Propriano in Corsica.

Oceana urges protection for ‘30 Mediterranean jewels’

article |  
Regional and national entities are urged to create a comprehensive network of MPAs that will preserve these underwater jewels.

Jellyfish swarms moving into the Med

note |  
Portuguese man-of-war sighted at Mediterranean beaches

Mafia sank toxic wreck

note |  
Italian authorities have found the wreck of a ship sunk by the Mafia with 180 barrels of toxic waste on board

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