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Exploring the caves under Budapest, Hungary

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EU to phase out bottom trawls

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The European Commission proposes phasing out destructive bottom trawling and bottom gillnetting among deep sea fishing fleets in the Northeast Atlantic.

Underwater Austria

Breath-taking scenery at the lake, Gosausee
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Completely landlocked doesn’t necessarily mean that diving is out of the question. Austria is best known for alpine skiing, historical Vienna and delicious cakes, but also offers some really spectacular diving. Here, one can dive wrecks and walls, enjoying a rich aquatic life in lakes with great visibility.

European Union failing threatened mediterranean sharks

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The EU, with the largest reported shark catches in the world, is blocking other Mediterranean countries from protecting threatened sharks.

Oceana applauds European protection of porbeagle sharks

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Fishing for porbeagles (estimated to have declined by up to 99% in the Mediterranean) is now prohibited in all EU waters, including the Mediterranean Sea, and by EU vessels fishing in international waters.


Text and photos by Nuno Sá
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It’s been almost 15 years since my first visit to the Azores. I was studying law then and was on my first diving trip, with all of eight dives written down in my brand new logbook. Six years later, I was living in the Azores.

First Frogmen - part 2

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In the years prior to World War II, the Italian fleet had developed a new underwater weapon, the SLC, a slow torpedo which was manned by two divers. Submerged, and thereby unseen, the frogmen on the SLC could get close in to the enemy ships and mine them. The frogmen trained in attacking their own ships, and after many excercises developed a procedure for approach and placing mines under the ships.
09 - Feb 2006 | First Frogmen - part 2

First Frogmen

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During the first years of World War II Italian frogmen demonstrated to the world how effective a weapon a frogman could be. Hidden by the water, these frogmen mined the Allies’ ships as they were moored ‘safely’ in their own waters.
07 - Oct 2005 | First Frogmen


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World-class diving in a challenging environment.
36 - May 2010 | Diving in Sweden

Scapa Flow - The Wrecks of Scotland’s Orkney Islands

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Situated 25 km (15 miles) north of the Scottish mainland, the Orkney Islands are located on the same latitude as southern Greenland, Alaska and Leningrad, however Orkney is bathed in the warm waters of the North Atlantic Drift that first started out as the Gulf Stream in the Caribbean. Hence, a profusion of marine life, water that rarely gets too cold and mild winters, whilst the islands are inevitable windy, the almost landlocked bay of Scapa Flow is sheltered for diving all year round. The Orkney Islands are created by submergence and give the impression of tipping westwards into the sea. There are great sea stacks, arches, caves and caverns all around the coast, some of which are world famous such as the Old Man of Hoy, and they have a total land mass of around 971.25km2 (375 square miles).
31 - Sep 2009 | Scapa Flow
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