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Indonesia’s Global Treasures

Books & Media |  Indonesia’s Global Treasures is the first book to reveal the immense beauty of seven underwater wonders of our world found in the Indonesian Archipelago.

Wakatobi Workshop Week - 2015

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Join Xray-Mag on a trip of a lifetime to Wakatobi Dive Resort in Indonesia.

Indonesia's Gorontalo

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Barely beaten tracks are an increasingly rare find for travellers in this ever more accessible world. Yet on the shores of Tomini Bay on the Indonesian Island of Sulawesi, one such place still exists.
60 - May 2014 | Indonesia's Gorontalo

Will Goodman sets new Closed-Circuit Rebreather depth record

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UK's Will Goodman descends to 290m on a JJ-CCR rebreather

Indonesia creates huge reserve for manta rays

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New legislation gives full protection to manta rays in all Indonesian waters effectively creating the world’s largest protected area for these migratory animals

Diving Indonesia’s Bunaken

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We’re swimming fast. Too fast for my liking. I’m taking heaving gulps, and I know my tank won’t last very long if we don’t slow down soon. Just as I’m about to stop and risk losing my group, we hear a rapid series of bangs coming from our dive boat in the distance. Our guide, a lithe Indonesian with pistons for legs and bottomless iron lungs, points into the blue and somehow quickens his pace.
58 - Jan 2014 | Bunaken

Garuda Indonesia bans transport of shark fins

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Commitment represents major step in curbing global shark fin trade.

Fish-Eye for Critters

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The apparently contradictory choice of adding teleconverters to fish-eye lenses to obtain arresting “wide-macro” images has long been adopted by many rainforest and insect specialists—notably Frans Lanting, the grand master of them all—while several Japanese authors have pioneered its use in underwater photography since the last decade.
56 - Sep 2013 | Fish-Eye for Critters

Buyat Bay & Lembeh Strait — North Sulawesi

X-Ray dive team Kelly LaClaire and Kate Clark explore the waters of North Sulawe
X-Ray Magazine article |  
There are very few places in the world that remain unknown to the dive community. Let’s face it, scuba enthusiasts are nothing if not resourceful when it comes to finding new and uncharted waters to dive in. But chances are excellent that when you read the title of this article you asked yourself, “Buyat Bay? Where the heck is that?”

Critter Central - Lembeh Strait

— Fantastic Muck Diving in Indonesia
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The world’s full of triangles. There’s the Love Triangle, the Golden Triangle, the Bermuda Triangle… and then of course, most relevant of all to us divers, there’s the Macrolife Triangle, that blissful figure made up by the Malaysian islands of Lankayan and Kapalai and—at the northern tip of the Indonesian island of Sulawesi—the Strait of Lembeh.
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