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Two new species of deadly jellyfish discovered floating around off Australia

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The new species of Irukandji jellyfish sparks particular scientific interest because it has no tentacles.

Staying in the Loop

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With speakers drawn from around the world and topics and talks that span the complete range of diving interests, from mysterious wrecks and magnificent underwater cave systems through to the latest innovations in equipment and imaging technologies, OZTeK2015 is firmly focussed on the diving world of tomorrow.

UNESCO Awards Australia Great Barrier Reef Reprieve

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Site in danger deadline delayed

Marine reserves provide safe passageway for endangered species

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The value of Australia's newly established network of marine parks has been highlighted by an international project

WA: Tiger shark cut up and left to die

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Australian prime minister, Tony Abbott, and environment minister, Greg Hunt, have come under fire in recent weeks for their apparent lack of concern for the environment and have faced calls for a redress of the shark kill policy.

Sea Shepherd vessel rammed by Japanese whaler

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Sea Shepherd Australia has released footage of one of its vessels being rammed by a Japanese whaling ship in the Southern Ocean.

Reef gets seaweed transplant

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Marine ecologists in Sydney manage to restore the missing crayweed onto two barren reef sites where it once grew abundantly.

Who should be afraid...sharks or humans?

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Aerial shark patrols labelled inefficient

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An Australian government report has found aerial surveys of the NSW coastline are an inefficient and expensive way to protect swimmers from sharks

Coral spawning

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