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Antarctic explorer Robert Scott's ship found

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The SS Terra Nova, the ship that took Captain Robert Falcon Scott and his team on their ill-fated expedition to the Antarctic a century ago, has been found on the seabed off Greenland.

Are bowheads recovering?

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New recordings of their songs suggest their population might be bouncing back

Arctic killer whales don’t eat fish

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Little is known about Arctic killer whale prey preference or behavior, but new research has tried to determine the diet of the Arctic killer whale. It seems to prefer other whales over fish.

Whales win, walruses lose in warmer Arctic

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Loss of sea ice seriously affects polar bears and walruses, which utilize ice floes as hunting platforms

Narwhal tracking project helps chart species’ future

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WWF is supporting a new project to track narwhals, Arctic whales best known for the long tusk that projects forward from their faces.

Red Grouper

Red Grouper

Red Grouper under the pier at Sipadan Water Village, Mabul


Elisabeth's Chromodoris

Elisabeth's Chromodoris
Elizabeth's Chromodoris, Puerto Galera, Philippines

High Arctic

The austere high Arctic landscape
X-Ray Magazine article |  
The sea ice is about two metres thick above frigid Arctic waters over 300 metres deep—and we are camping on it! It’s a strange sensation, knowing that there is nothing but frozen water between you, and water so cold it kills in less than four minutes. This clearly had an effect on Martin, a Swedish photographer, who had a nightmare on his first night out on the ice. “I dreamed that my body heat was melting the ice underneath me and my sleeping bag was about to sink into the depths,” he said, “I’m glad I woke up.”
12 - Aug 2006 | High Arctic

Claiming the North Pole

X-Ray Magazine article |  
On August 2, 2007, the weather was good at the North Pole. The sea was calm, the water temperature was just -1° C, with the air at a balmy 0° C. That morning two Russian mini submarines, Bathyscaphe Mir-1 and Mir-2, were sent down and at noon, Mir-1 touched down on the seabed at 4,261m, planting the Russian flag
22 - Mar 2008 | North Pole Controversy
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