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Namibian Sinkholes

X-Ray Magazine article |  
Who could imagine for a minute that Namibia is a diving destination?
59 - Mar 2014 | Namibian Sinkholes

Gray whale makes first ever appearance in the Southern Hemisphere

Article citing other sources |  
A gray whale has been spotted off the coast of Namibia.

Western Indian Ocean has world’s second most diverse coral reefs

Article citing other sources |  
The Northern Mozambique Channel could be home to as many as 450 different species of coral.

Ancient coral reefs at risk from deforestation

Article citing other sources |  
A team of international scientists have found that soil erosion, land degradation and climate change pose a mounting threat to coastal reefs and their ecosystems in the western Indian Ocean.

Madagascar gets roadmap for marine conservation

article |  
Madagascar now has a roadmap for proposed one million hectare increase in marine protected areas to improve local management of coastal fisheries.

Diving with Dinosaurs

X-Ray Magazine article |  
My guide and I saw the croc on the surface, basking in the sun, laying on the papyrus grass. It was a Nile crocodile about five meters long and agitated by our invasion of its space. It moved lethargically and got into the water. We followed it, as it swam against the current.
46 - Jan 2012 | Diving with Dinosaurs

South Africa Announces first ever Shark Route

article |  
Oceans Discovery team launches tours allowing visitors to meet local shark experts

I Can't Stop Thinking about the Tiger Sharks of Aliwal Shoal...

slideshow |  
To understand why, let me share these images with you; they were all taken in 2008 when Aliwal Shoal was at its best.

Diving the Delta - Botswana’s Okavango River

X-Ray Magazine article |  
Carrying all we would need for the next five days, our expedition team travelled some 65 kilometres through shallow, meandering channels in small power boats. We eventually reached Jugu Juga, the small island which was to be our home for the next two days.

Tantalizing Tofo

X-Ray Magazine article |  
Four hundred and fifty kilometres north of Maputo, Mozambique’s capital, and half an hour from the historic Portuguese trading town of Inhambane and its airport, Tofo is a laid-back village popular for its endless pristine beaches and, of course, scuba diving. The warm waters of the Indian Ocean provide sustenance for an abundance of marine life here, but the mantas and the whale sharks are the stars of the show.
31 - Sep 2009 | Tantalizing Tofo
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