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Survival of the fittest nudibranch

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Nudibranch Safari 
at Gulen Dive Resort, Norway, March 2014

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Christian Skauge/ScubaPixel and Gulen Dive Resort invite nudibranch lovers, divers and underwater photographers from all over the world to join the fifth annual Nudibranch Safari in March 2014.

Nudibranch sheds penis after sex

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A Japanese research team discovered the nudibranch Chromodoris reticulata loses its appendage after mating and can regrow it in a relatively quick time period to do it again

Nudibranchs have sleep cycles too

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Sea slugs go to sleep based on internal clocks

Hooded Nudibranchs

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Weird creatures from inner space
47 - Mar 2012 | Hooded Nudibranchs

X-Ray Mag contributor Christian Skauge gets Honorable Mention at OWU

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The results of the Our World Underwater International Photo Contest 2012 were made publich in Chicago this weekend, and among the images getting honourable mentions were a rare nudibranch from Norway

Sea snail may teach us how to enhance memory

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Research involving a mollusk known as a California sea hare has contributed to the understanding of learning and memory.

Chromodoris Willani

Chromodoris Willani

Chromodoris Willani

Elisabeth's Chromodoris

Elisabeth's Chromodoris
Elizabeth's Chromodoris, Puerto Galera, Philippines

Solar-powered Sea Slug

Elysia chlorotica is a green sea slug
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Elysia chlorotica is a green sea slug, with a gelatinous leaf-shaped body, that lives along the Atlantic seaboard of the US. What sets it apart from most other sea slugs is its ability to run on solar power.
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